Day 3

Um. I am new to this blog thing, and apparently suck at it, because I just deleted my whole day 3 post. CRAP.

In summation, today was ok. Headache was mostly gone when I woke up. I added fruit for breakfast, which made me hungry by 10am. Next time I’ll do protein. Eggs probably.

Also, today was rough aside from the challenge (I’m trying not to call it a diet). I really wanted a frosty cold adult beverage. Or 3. Instead I am enjoying a glass of Perrier with lemon squeezed in. Not boozy, but an alright substitute. Here’s the rest:

Breakie: fruit salad with apple, banana, and orange topped with Unsweetened coconut flakes. Coffee with almond milk (2 cups).

Snack: handful of raisins

Lunch: eggs and bacon

Snack: iced coffee with almond milk

Dinner: grilled strip steak with broccoli cooked in ghee and bacon fat. Mmm.
Perrier with lemon.

Random musings: I should probably work on keeping it to 2 cups of coffee or less.
Also…I should take a “before” photo. We’ll see. 😳



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