Day 5

Grumpy. I woke up grumpy and have been grumpy all. day. long. It’s a dreary
foggy damp day, too. AND I had to go to the grocery store. Surprisingly the cravings weren’t bad at all. I was just irritated at the lack of selection. For example, why is there wheat in chicken broth? To top it off, it is apparently NATIONAL DONUT DAY! So my Facebook newsfeed is filled with pictures of free donuts. Grumpy.

So here we are at day 5, 1/6 of the way. I was able to go back down to my pre-vacation belt notch, so that’s encouraging. Here was my day:

Breakfast: a few slices of grilled chicken, coffee with almond milk.
*i read it best to start thinking of it as Meal 1, Meal 2, Meal 3, to get past the mental strangeness of “chicken? for breakfast”. Maybe.

Lunch: bacon and eggs

Snack: handful of cashews with some raisins and coconut.

Dinner: pork chops, green beans cooked in bacon fat, seedless watermelon.

Dessert: Perrier with lime slices. With ice. Cheers!



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