Day 6: part 1

I feel good! Maybe because Toddlerbaby slept until 8:15 (!!!!), maybe because I’m out of the Kill All The Things phase they warned about here. Maybe I get to sail straight past the exhausted stage (as my body realizes it no longer has access to those quick fuel types), or maybe I’ll crash around 2? Either way, so far so good. And it is Saturday, so I could always nap 😉

We’re going to the “big” grocery store later (I pink puffy heart Wegmans), so I’m meal planning for the week this morning as we head into week 2. There are a ton more options for meat and produce, making it worth the 40 minute drive. I will agree that pre-planning is KEY. Having meals, beverages, and “I must have chips now!” contingency snack emergency plans in place takes away a lot of the opportunity to go off the rails and into a bowl of, I dunno, Perry’s Mint-Ting-A-Ling ice cream…not that I’ve been thinking about ice cream or anything.


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