Day 7

One of the things the program asserts is the importance of 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Even the coolest, darkest room, however, can’t make up for a child hollering for you to get up. Yaaaawn. Toddlerbaby decided to wake at 6:30 this morning, so we’re up earlier than usual. Payback for my nice late sleep yesterday.

Random musings:
1. I hope today isn’t the day my iPhone gets hacked and my personal photos are blasted all over the Internet, because I officially took “before” photos. 😱 I should have done it day 1 but, to be honest, dreaded photographic evidence. I’ll doubt I’ll ever share these pics but it’ll be good to have something to compare to in 21 more days I guess.
2. Something in my fridge smells like garlic bread. Exactly like garlic bread. How DARE something in my fridge smell like garlic bread!!

Meal 1: leftover frittata with a sliced tomato and watermelon. Coffee and almond milk.

Mid morning: a second cup of coffee and almond milk

Meal 2: Wegmans organic grilled chicken sausage with a fruit salad of apple, orange, and lime juice with unsweetened coconut. Quick and easy on a busy Saturday.

Meal 3: grilled strip steak with asparagus. My steak was topped with grilled onions and mushrooms and his asparagus was topped with an egg, sunny side up. So so good!

**And yes, that is TWO nights of asparagus in a row. Worth it.



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