Day 11

Overnight the weather flip-flopped from bright and sunny and warm to gray and rainy and chilly. For me, that means allergies. Blahhhh. I woke up with zero motivation to think about the diet. I mean challenge. I glanced at my menu for the week and was happy to see chicken fajitas on deck for tonight. Yup, a repeat of day 4. This time I used up some salsa I had in the fridge in place of the stock (for added liquid). I also added mushrooms. Crockpot, easy, and delish. Perfect.
A good tip is to find a few quick and easy meals you enjoy, and repeat repeat repeat. Sure, have a new adventure or two each week to prevent boredom, but not every meal needs to be new (and hard!).

Meal 1: coffee with almond milk, half a banana, half a breakfast cookie. Today was a day when Toddlerbaby demanded to share my meal.

Meal 2: 3-egg omelette with sautéed mushrooms and a little crumbled pork sausage.

Meal 3: chicken fajitas wrapped in romaine leaves, topped with guacamole. I really liked the addition of mushrooms to this!

Dessert: sliced apple with almond butter

Random musing: it’s a good feeling to use up this and that that are kicking around in the fridge. When almost everything is a whole food, they almost always can be thrown together and come out tasty. Less waste = happy homemaker.
Also, anything cooked in bacon fat is just a little more delicious. Save that stuff!


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