Day 13: pre-cookout

Today = a challenge. And also a test. Until now all of our Whole30 meals have been at home, just us. This weekend my wonderful family is visiting from NY, and we’re hosting a cookout. Now, in my family at least, get-togethers mean eating, munching, grazing, drinking, eating more, and then dessert. And probably more drinking. And while hubs and I are living Whole30, the rest of the family isn’t. And we definitely don’t want to be the people that only serve what we eat. So we are tasked with shopping for, then cooking, food to make everyone happy. And that means many of our “old favorites” (definitely not Whole30) as well as options that fit our lifestyle. Hamburgers and sausage for us, cheeseburgers and hotdogs with buns, ketchup, and relish for them. Grilled green and yellow zucchini for us, chips and baked beans for them. Fresh strawberries for us, strawberry shortcake for them. While I’m looking forward to our menu, I know I’ll be envious of their cheese and chip and ice cream extravaganza. So it’s a bit of a challenge and a test, but I think we’ve pre-planned well enough to make it as easy as possible. Perrier, however, in no way is as tasty as a good beer with your burger. Even if it is gluten free.


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