Day 13: post-cookout

At the end of the day, surviving a family cookout was easier than I anticipated. Not easy but easy-ER. I definitely attribute that to pre-planning, tasty, whole30 approved options, and a hubs who makes a mean burger. Was it tempting? Sure. But definitely not tempting enough to blow up day 13 and have to return to…gulp…day 1.

Here was today:
Meal 1: the rest of the leftover fajita chicken with 2 eggs sunny side up. I love how far we stretched that fajita chicken! 3 breasts went SO far with all those veggies.

Meal 2: canned chicken with guacamole. Good, quick meal!

Snacks: carrot sticks

Meal 3: a salad with a burger and all the fixins, and sausage on the side with grilled veggies.


Meal 4: a bowl of strawberries. sweet and delicious. Cup of half-caff coffee.


The hardest part was not mindlessly nibbling on the chips or pretzels. Or not sampling the ice cream and whipped cream when I took off the lids. I hadnt realized how much of a habit that had become.


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