Day 14

Sunday! Menu planning day! Grocery shopping day! I have to admit, by the end of last week I was feeling a bit blah about dinner. This week we will be changing it up and trying out a couple new recipes. I’m planning for leftovers too, making the initial extra time in the kitchen worth it. Big cooking days Monday and Tuesday = hardly any cooking Wednesday and Thursday. Another tip? Use the grill! For me at least, anything cooked outside is at least a little more “fun”. Weather permitting, the whole fam can cook and play outside at the same time.
We found ourselves at the grocery store at lunchtime. Fortunately it was the big grocery store, with a world of prepared foods just waiting. A quick walk around, though, revealed nothing Whole30 approved accept some basic greens. Instead we decided on a plain roasted rotisserie chicken. Toddlerbaby, the Hubs, and I sat down amongst the pizza eaters and submarine-sandwich-munchers and Chinese-food-chompers and ripped into a chicken. 🍗 Dainty, I know.
Here were today’s eats:
Meal 1: Bacon and scrambled eggs with fresh strawberries, with coffee and almond milk.

Meal 2: a shared rotisserie chicken.

Snack: blueberries, strawberries, and cashews

Meal 3: strip steaks. again. Hubs’ choice, seeing as it was Father’s Day. Still delish, topped with mushrooms and onion and chorizo, and served with veggies.

This evening I added a couple fresh strawberries to my Perrier. So. Good! Looking forward to trying other fruits, too.
Next week, my plan is to add some deliberate exercise into the mix. (Did I say that our loud?)


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