Day 15

Psst! It’s day 15! I’ve reached the halfway point! And as promised, I added some exercise into the mix. Toddlerbaby and I took advantage of a beautiful morning and took a 30-minute walk/jog around town. Hey, it’s a start!
I also tried a new recipe today in an attempt to escape the dreaded food boredom of last week. I came across a one called “The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat”. Seriously that’s the name. And that’s a LOT to live up to. When I realized it was from the Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat cookbook, I had to give it a try. Now if you know me, you know cooking ain’t really my jam. And I’ll admit, it looked like a lot of steps, a LOT of ingredients, and involved touching raw chicken. *hurl*
20130617-135024.jpg (the ingredients for the brine and spice rub, minus the chicken but plus one Toddlerbaby destroying the pantry. It kept him busy. You do what you gotta.)
I felt fancy once my chicken was brine-ing. Like, I hoped someone would call me then, just so I could say “oh, no this is a fine time to chat, I just put my chicken into the brine for dinner” in an offhanded manner. But it’s 2013 and people don’t call…they text. And if they do call I probably didn’t answer. Anyway….dinner. was. delicious. The Moroccan dipping sauce really brought everything together and I’ll definitely be using that on other proteins.

Here was today!
Meal 1: sautéed mushrooms scrambled with one egg. Strawberries on the side. Coffee with almond milk.

Meal 2: bacon and eggs with mustard. Blueberries on the side.


Snack: handful of cashews with unsweetened coconut flakes

Meal 3: Chicken topped with a Moroccan dipping sauce, served with mixed veggies



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