Day 17

Breakfast blah blah morning walk/blah blah lunch blah blah….I wanna talk about zucchini “spaghetti”! Yes, I am truly this excited! But I’ll back up.
Day 17! Honestly, I slept kind of crappy, and woke up too early, couldn’t get back to sleep, and was all sorts of stuffy. I guess I’m still waiting for the Tiger Blood phase to kick in.
Breakfast was leftover frittata and berries with coffee. Then Toddlerbaby and I took a 3-mile walk/jog. (That’s day 3 of exercise for those keeping track at home)
Lunch was the standard bacon and eggs. Toddlerbaby can almost say “bacon” perfectly, which, parenting wise, I feel makes up for me letting him watch Barney now and then. The day’s events were really just leading up to dinner prep, when I could try these noodles. I thought they’d make to perfect side for the leftover “Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat”.
I actually followed the zucchini recipe in the Well Fed cookbook, which varied only slightly from the online link above. I didn’t add egg to mine, and used 4 zucchini.20130619-180144.jpgI was also excited to try out my new peeler. Kitchen gadgets are like the new school supplies. I like selecting them, buying them, trying them out. This peeler was sharp and easy to use and worked just like it was supposed to. Perfect. I stabbed the top of the zucchini with a fork to hold it as I peeled. Worked great!
20130619-180644.jpgIt was so easy! And really delicious. I found the texture more spaghetti-like than my usual spaghetti squash, too. I can’t wait to try it with a tomato sauce and meatballs, or as a carbonara. Really, really impressed.
Here was today:
Meal 1: frittata with fruit, coffee with almond milk

Meal 2: bacon and scrambled eggs

Meal 3: leftover chicken from Day 15 with delicious, amazing zucchini noodles. The chicken reheated well (2 minutes on high, 3 minutes on 50% power) and the sauce held up well.



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