Day 18

You know what’s strange? Realizing what your triggers are. Like how it is physically difficult for me NOT to lick the knife after preparing PB&J for the kid. I have to remind myself these things are off limit.
For example, I often have to drive 20, 30, or more minutes to get most anywhere. It had become instinct to first stop at the McDonalds in town and get a large iced coffee with cream before heading anywhere. Seriously, almost every day. And while I wasn’t getting sugar (liquid sugar at that), it was still a lot of cream and a habit.
Another example. Whenever Hubs, Toddlerbaby, and I get into the car together (mainly weekends), my initial thought is ‘where will we get ice cream!’ How terrible is that? But it’s true; we had made ice cream stands a part of every weekend. Sometimes both days. *shame face* I’ll be glad when/if these associations fade because it hasn’t happened yet and I’m sorta missing my vices. It isn’t even that I’m craving the coffee or the ice cream, just that I miss that activity, if it makes any sense. Anyway…
Day 18! Still no Tiger Blood, but still feeling good. I did, however, have to fight the overwhelming urge to weigh myself this morning (a huge Whole30 no-no). Since I haven’t yet hit that feeling fantastic phase, I became convinced I was doing something incorrectly and therefore wanted to see what the scale said. I won the fight but still wonder. Can one have too much bacon? Too many eggs? Surely not, right?

Here were today’s meals:
Meal 1: egg-o-cado with strawberries, coffee with almond milk.
*a note about this: I thought I was sooo clever with my egg-o-cado name. Hubs came across an online recipe for the same thing, clearly titled “Eggocado”, from a few years ago. Boo.

Meal 2: bacon and eggs with mustard

Snack: whole, raw cashews and raisins

Meal 3: leftover Barbacoa beef from Day 16 served over cauliflower “rice”.
*Hubs made the “rice”, mainly because it requires use of the full blender/food processor (not the mini) and I hate using that thing. So many parts and pieces and its such a pain to clean. And so loud. I avoid it at all costs. I want a Vitamix.

Seriously though, the “rice” was very easy and rice-like! Perfect to sop up the juice from the beef, and a great alternative to lettuce wraps.


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