Day 21

90 degrees. My hometown. Home of Abbott’s Frozen Custard. Oh, the temptations for a dish of cool and creamy chocolate almond! But I was strong, and did not blow up my Whole30 despite the temptations! ๐Ÿ‘

Again I will assert how much more challenging complete compliance is when you’re not at home. It’s downright tough. We stuck to what we knew was safe. And with that, Day 21 is done.

I’m excited for next week! I’m planning a couple of Asian inspired meals (I’ve been craving Chinese takeout), lots of grilling, and even homemade MAYO. Yes, I’m excited for mayo.

Here were today’s eats:

Meal 1: coffee with almond milk, eggs and bacon

Meal 2: Chipotle, take 2! Same order as yesterday. Salad consisting of carnitas, peppers and onions, mild salsa, guacamole. Mmm mmm good. I also threw a lemon in my water. WHY don’t I do that more often?!

Meal 3: we played it safe and drove home, and grilled some of the Whole30-ok Wegmans sausage.


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