Day 22

Started the day with breakfast and a workout DVD. It’s been hot, the house was hot, and I definitely got in a good sweat. It felt good. Grocery shopping followed. I’ve found a good habit to get into; as soon as you get home from the store, clean and cut up any fruits and veggies right away. Having them ready to munch makes it easier to make a “smart” snack choice when hungry.
After lunch, a nap (for Toddlerbaby) and some lazy reading (Mindy Kaling for me), it was time for meal prep and cooking dinner. I was excited for this one, another recipe from the Well Fed cookbook. Paleo chicken Pad Thai!
Yes, it was several steps, but nothing difficult. And the result was really really amazing. I’m looking forward to making it again, maybe adding new veggies too. I think some carrot matchsticks would be great.

Here was today:

Meal 1: scrambled eggs, fresh blueberries, coffee with almond milk

Meal 2: bacon and eggs, diced pineapple and watermelon

Snack: raw cashews with raisins

Meal 3: grilled chicken “pad thai”
*Toddlerbaby made yummy sounds while eating this. Win!



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