Day 23

It is hard to believe it is already day 23. Aside from the temptations (i realize i am an ice cream fiend), it really has become almost easy. I think that’s because of:
1. Pre-planning food for the week, and shopping in advance so everything is on hand, and posting the weekly menu.
2. A willingness to spend more time in the kitchen. Prepping “real” food definitely takes more time than opening a package. It’s an investment.
3. A few paleo cookbooks on hand and paleo recipe websites at the ready for meal inspiration.
4. Moral support. Doing this with the Hubs made it easier.
5. This food blog, and posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook, made me feel more accountable. And who doesn’t like praise when you post beautiful dishes you’ve made!

I still have a week to go but am already thinking about what to do after this Whole30. Still giving that one some thought.

Here was today:

Meal 1: scrambled eggs with fruit, coffee with almond milk

Meal 2: Chipotle!
yes, again, but dont judge. we live a good 90 minutes from any Chipotle. we were visiting family today and found ourselves in a city with one, so definitely took advantage.

Meal 3: Once again we were caught out and about at, and then past, dinner time. Once again, we found Whole30-permitted dinner at the local Wegmans. We had another rotisserie chicken (have I mentioned its 5 bucks?!), along with veggies. Good stuff!

Dessert: 2 Medjool dates. Seriously like candy. A great treat after a fun day.



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