Day 24

Day 24 and I was craving Chinese takeout. You know, saucy and sweet something with fried rice? And you know why I had that craving? Once again, my Well Fed cookbook. BBQ Pork Fried Rice. Seriously, I’m pretty much cooking my way through it. Once again, this recipe did not disappoint. SO good. SO much like fried rice, yet still, amazingly, Whole 30 approved.
I will admit, tonight’s dinner took me pretty much the whole day. If I wasn’t prepping, something was cooking, needed turning, needed uncovering, needed basting, needed cleaning…you get the idea. This is largely due to me ALSO deciding to make the Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork) recipe from Well Fed (p. 91 in fact). In the future I’ll cook it up a different day, and have it ready for my “rice”. I’m glad I made this pork though, because it was really, really good. Regular BBQ sauce is definitely not Whole30, so this recipe filled a much-needed BBQ void in my life.

Here was today:
Meal 1: Eggocado, pineapple, and coffee with almond milk

Meal 2: Bacon and eggs

Snack: raw cashews

Meal 3: BBQ pork fried rice


Once again, this is a recipe that can use almost any veggie you have on hand. I could easily be changed up to use whatever protein you have too. Hello chicken fried rice with cabbage and carrots! I’m definitely adding a head of cauliflower to my list of weekly staples. Really versatile, once you know how!


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