Day 26

Today, someone asked me if my
Whole30 was as life changing as the website makes it seem. I replied “i don’t know if it was life changing” as that seems a little bit strong, but definitely has changed my views on food. For instance, earlier this week while at my local (small Pennsylvania town) grocery store, I was searching for fresh snow peas. They had them, loudly labeled ‘Product of Guatemala’, and dull and floppy looking. I went with frozen instead. Pre Whole30 I don’t know that I’d ever have (a.) been looking for fresh snow peas or (b.) concerned in the least about where they came from (and what must have been done to them to make them last from Guatemala to PA). So life changing in that way, yes.
Another example…eating well, eating cleanly, eating real food is a definite motivator to work out. This energy increase helps too, but it’s more than that. Almost as if feeling this good just from food makes me want to experience the full benefit of diet + exercise. Chasing the Tiger Blood! So yes, that’s a change as well.
In any case I’m definitely a fan.

Here was today:
Meal 1: Eggocado and pineapple chunks. Coffee with almond milk. I may have officially reached my limit with Eggocado. Just kind of over it.

Meal 2: having mayo in the house is fantastic! I made a quick chicken salad, served with a bacon weave “cracker”, and a little apple with almond butter. 20130628-192355.jpg
Meal 3: Using leftover ground beef from last night, I made some sundried tomato basil meatballs , served with zucchini noodles and a little sauce. Spaghetti and meatball craving satisfied!


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