Day 27

Finally, a lazy weekend at home. It seems like we’ve been out of town and driving here and there every weekend lately!
Hard to believe it is the final weekend of my Whole30. Some things I’ve been thinking about lately:
I think sugar really effects me. I am a sugar fiend usually. Love desserts, love my sweets. That didn’t completely go away but the cravings definitely diminished. A lot. I wonder what would have happened if I had limited my fruit even more. Though natural, fruit is awfully sweet. I’ve been wondering about the strategy followed on the 21 sugar detox, which allows one green apple and banana per day. Hmm. Maybe next time.
I sort of wish I took this opportunity to kick my morning coffee habit. Though I’ve cut down, it’s definitely still a habit. Again, maybe next time.

Here was today:
Meal 1: one egg scrambled with leftover chicken and broccoli. Pineapple chunks. Coffee with almond milk.
I’m suspicious of the pineapple I bought yesterday. I had AWFUL stomach pains a couple hours afterward that lasted for a couple of hours.
Meal 2: late lunch of an apple with almond butter, handful of cashews with raisins
Meal 3: “breaded” chicken w roasted asparagus: chicken breast coated with homemade mayo, almond flour, and spices.
Really tasty and easy. Shake-and-Bakeish. Doesn’t look nearly as moist and flavorful as it was!20130629-172626.jpg


2 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. I am doing a Whole30 (day 24) also and just finished up a 21DSD (did them at the same time). I’m also a slave to sugar and found that doing the two together helped A LOT. I actually didn’t even allow myself bananas because I know my brain views them as candy haha. Actually, since the detox ended I’ve only had a handful of blueberries, just cause. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. Now if only there was a macadamia nut detox…

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