Day 29

Jipped! That’s how I feel. Totally cheated. Day 28, I’m supposed to be feeling fan-freaking-tastic, flying high on Tiger Blood. Instead I’m a croaky, sniffly, sore throated cough machine with awful sinus pain. BOO.
I wonder if it could be an egg allergy, since everything else was eliminated? Or just the luck of seasonal allergies. Anyway….I wasn’t feeling much like eating, but here was today:

Meal 1: coffee with almond milk. Hot water with lemon. Repeat x 5.

Meal 2: leftover Thai beef stew over cauliflower rice.

Meal 3: Hubs made a juicy, tender rib eye steak topped with grilled onions, mushrooms, and chorizo. I wish I could have tasted it…



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