Birthday weekend/July 4th Aftermath

Man oh man was it easy to step right back into old (bad) habits. Last weekend was full of indulgences, celebrations, libations, and treats, and I definitely noticed.
Remember at the end of my Whole30, when I was wondering where my Tiger Blood was? And claiming I didn’t feel that much different? Well, I was wrong. 4 days of booze and sugar and carb-y intake left me feeling gross. Like a lazy slug. Like I could nap all day. Like I didn’t want to do a thing. And I didn’t like it.
My first thought was “I’ll do ANOTHER Whole30!” But realistically I wouldn’t be as stringent, especially now knowing I can indeed tolerate dairy and legumes (at least in moderation). So…where to go from here.
I came across an article on Robb Wolf’s site that reminded me it isn’t an all-or-nothing choice, really. For now, I think I’ll strive for the 80/20 paleo.
This week, however, has been about detox. I think I’ll try for a Whole7, or maybe a Whole9, instead of 30. We’ll see. In any case, it feels good to be back on the wagon. And paleo pad thai is still really effing delicious.

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