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Eat crap, feel like crap…and vice versa

I’ve been back on the paleo train for 4 days and already feel better. For me, there’s always 4 days of cravings and general grouchiness whenever I cut the junk. I think 4 days is my official detox period. Then the magic happens…fewer (if any) cravings, less hungry, steady energy…that sort of thing.
We were trying to use up our freezer stash of meats and what we hand on hand veggie-wise. This week we enjoyed steaks with asparagus. Aside from my favorite pad thai, I also made an old standby, paleo meatloaf, based on this recipe from PaleoOMG. I used matchstick carrots and sundried tomatoes instead of roasted reds, and topped the whole thing with bacon before baking. Yum.
Lastly I threw a frozen turkey breast in the crockpot on low with some sliced onions, cumin, chili powder, and salsa. Fajita turkey.
I’ll be honest though, I did use ketchup on my meatloaf. And no, I didn’t make it from scratch. (Is that the Paleo police i hear?) I picked one without HFCS, and feel like its a good compromise for everyday living. And sometimes you just want ketchup.
And then it was Friday night….and a drive-in with friends, one beer, and popcorn with butter. On one hand I feel guilty that I threw my whole healthy week away. On the other hand, “live a little” comes to mind. Just call me “weekday paleo”.