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Day 28: addendum

I mentioned earlier that allergies still managed to penetrate my Tiger Blood. Well, my scratchy, itchy throat has now led to complete and total voice loss. Oh no!
But wait….it gets worse. All of the cough drop varieties in the house contain SUGAR. Many, many variations of sugar! Seriously, little difference between a piece of candy and a cough drop. Eye. Opening. I obviously am not going to blow my whole 30 on a stupid cough drop, so let’s if hot water with lemon juice does the trick.


Day 23

It is hard to believe it is already day 23. Aside from the temptations (i realize i am an ice cream fiend), it really has become almost easy. I think that’s because of:
1. Pre-planning food for the week, and shopping in advance so everything is on hand, and posting the weekly menu.
2. A willingness to spend more time in the kitchen. Prepping “real” food definitely takes more time than opening a package. It’s an investment.
3. A few paleo cookbooks on hand and paleo recipe websites at the ready for meal inspiration.
4. Moral support. Doing this with the Hubs made it easier.
5. This food blog, and posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook, made me feel more accountable. And who doesn’t like praise when you post beautiful dishes you’ve made!

I still have a week to go but am already thinking about what to do after this Whole30. Still giving that one some thought.

Here was today:

Meal 1: scrambled eggs with fruit, coffee with almond milk

Meal 2: Chipotle!
yes, again, but dont judge. we live a good 90 minutes from any Chipotle. we were visiting family today and found ourselves in a city with one, so definitely took advantage.

Meal 3: Once again we were caught out and about at, and then past, dinner time. Once again, we found Whole30-permitted dinner at the local Wegmans. We had another rotisserie chicken (have I mentioned its 5 bucks?!), along with veggies. Good stuff!

Dessert: 2 Medjool dates. Seriously like candy. A great treat after a fun day.


Day 22

Started the day with breakfast and a workout DVD. It’s been hot, the house was hot, and I definitely got in a good sweat. It felt good. Grocery shopping followed. I’ve found a good habit to get into; as soon as you get home from the store, clean and cut up any fruits and veggies right away. Having them ready to munch makes it easier to make a “smart” snack choice when hungry.
After lunch, a nap (for Toddlerbaby) and some lazy reading (Mindy Kaling for me), it was time for meal prep and cooking dinner. I was excited for this one, another recipe from the Well Fed cookbook. Paleo chicken Pad Thai!
Yes, it was several steps, but nothing difficult. And the result was really really amazing. I’m looking forward to making it again, maybe adding new veggies too. I think some carrot matchsticks would be great.

Here was today:

Meal 1: scrambled eggs, fresh blueberries, coffee with almond milk

Meal 2: bacon and eggs, diced pineapple and watermelon

Snack: raw cashews with raisins

Meal 3: grilled chicken “pad thai”
*Toddlerbaby made yummy sounds while eating this. Win!


Day 21

90 degrees. My hometown. Home of Abbott’s Frozen Custard. Oh, the temptations for a dish of cool and creamy chocolate almond! But I was strong, and did not blow up my Whole30 despite the temptations! 👍

Again I will assert how much more challenging complete compliance is when you’re not at home. It’s downright tough. We stuck to what we knew was safe. And with that, Day 21 is done.

I’m excited for next week! I’m planning a couple of Asian inspired meals (I’ve been craving Chinese takeout), lots of grilling, and even homemade MAYO. Yes, I’m excited for mayo.

Here were today’s eats:

Meal 1: coffee with almond milk, eggs and bacon

Meal 2: Chipotle, take 2! Same order as yesterday. Salad consisting of carnitas, peppers and onions, mild salsa, guacamole. Mmm mmm good. I also threw a lemon in my water. WHY don’t I do that more often?!

Meal 3: we played it safe and drove home, and grilled some of the Whole30-ok Wegmans sausage.

Day 20: heading out of town

Another weekend, another test. For the first time since starting the Whole30 we will be out of town. That means unable to prep and cook our own foods, dining out, and remembering to avoid most of the food at a kid’s birthday party. Sweets and treats and my favorite eats!
I’ve tried to do as much pre-planning as possible without coming off as a crazy control freak. For instance, since we are staying with my sister, I sent her “the list” of what’s off limits. And we’re pre-planning stops at Chipotle and Panera for quick, Whole30 friendly meals. Did you know Panera http://mypanera.panerabread.com/articlestips/article/access-into-paneras-hidden-menu/has a secret, hidden menu? Your welcome!
While I’m looking forward to a break from the kitchen it’s a little tough giving up control. With only 10 days left I hope to have the willpower to avoid the cupcakes shaped like Lego heads & brownie “bricks”.

Day 18

You know what’s strange? Realizing what your triggers are. Like how it is physically difficult for me NOT to lick the knife after preparing PB&J for the kid. I have to remind myself these things are off limit.
For example, I often have to drive 20, 30, or more minutes to get most anywhere. It had become instinct to first stop at the McDonalds in town and get a large iced coffee with cream before heading anywhere. Seriously, almost every day. And while I wasn’t getting sugar (liquid sugar at that), it was still a lot of cream and a habit.
Another example. Whenever Hubs, Toddlerbaby, and I get into the car together (mainly weekends), my initial thought is ‘where will we get ice cream!’ How terrible is that? But it’s true; we had made ice cream stands a part of every weekend. Sometimes both days. *shame face* I’ll be glad when/if these associations fade because it hasn’t happened yet and I’m sorta missing my vices. It isn’t even that I’m craving the coffee or the ice cream, just that I miss that activity, if it makes any sense. Anyway…
Day 18! Still no Tiger Blood, but still feeling good. I did, however, have to fight the overwhelming urge to weigh myself this morning (a huge Whole30 no-no). Since I haven’t yet hit that feeling fantastic phase, I became convinced I was doing something incorrectly and therefore wanted to see what the scale said. I won the fight but still wonder. Can one have too much bacon? Too many eggs? Surely not, right?

Here were today’s meals:
Meal 1: egg-o-cado with strawberries, coffee with almond milk.
*a note about this: I thought I was sooo clever with my egg-o-cado name. Hubs came across an online recipe for the same thing, clearly titled “Eggocado”, from a few years ago. Boo.

Meal 2: bacon and eggs with mustard

Snack: whole, raw cashews and raisins

Meal 3: leftover Barbacoa beef from Day 16 served over cauliflower “rice”.
*Hubs made the “rice”, mainly because it requires use of the full blender/food processor (not the mini) and I hate using that thing. So many parts and pieces and its such a pain to clean. And so loud. I avoid it at all costs. I want a Vitamix.

Seriously though, the “rice” was very easy and rice-like! Perfect to sop up the juice from the beef, and a great alternative to lettuce wraps.

Day 17

Breakfast blah blah morning walk/blah blah lunch blah blah….I wanna talk about zucchini “spaghetti”! Yes, I am truly this excited! But I’ll back up.
Day 17! Honestly, I slept kind of crappy, and woke up too early, couldn’t get back to sleep, and was all sorts of stuffy. I guess I’m still waiting for the Tiger Blood phase to kick in.
Breakfast was leftover frittata and berries with coffee. Then Toddlerbaby and I took a 3-mile walk/jog. (That’s day 3 of exercise for those keeping track at home)
Lunch was the standard bacon and eggs. Toddlerbaby can almost say “bacon” perfectly, which, parenting wise, I feel makes up for me letting him watch Barney now and then. The day’s events were really just leading up to dinner prep, when I could try these noodles. I thought they’d make to perfect side for the leftover “Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat”.
I actually followed the zucchini recipe in the Well Fed cookbook, which varied only slightly from the online link above. I didn’t add egg to mine, and used 4 zucchini.20130619-180144.jpgI was also excited to try out my new peeler. Kitchen gadgets are like the new school supplies. I like selecting them, buying them, trying them out. This peeler was sharp and easy to use and worked just like it was supposed to. Perfect. I stabbed the top of the zucchini with a fork to hold it as I peeled. Worked great!
20130619-180644.jpgIt was so easy! And really delicious. I found the texture more spaghetti-like than my usual spaghetti squash, too. I can’t wait to try it with a tomato sauce and meatballs, or as a carbonara. Really, really impressed.
Here was today:
Meal 1: frittata with fruit, coffee with almond milk

Meal 2: bacon and scrambled eggs

Meal 3: leftover chicken from Day 15 with delicious, amazing zucchini noodles. The chicken reheated well (2 minutes on high, 3 minutes on 50% power) and the sauce held up well.