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The day after that…

This morning I faced the scale. Over the course of these Whole30 days, I lost a grand total of 15.8 lbs. In ONE month. Pretty damn good, if I do say so myself, and even a bit more than I had hoped. How often does THAT happen when you step on the scale?
I’ll admit I am/was a bit of a scale addict. As in, it was the first thing I did each morning, and it set the tone for my day. NOT being “allowed” to weigh in each morning has been rather freeing. Going forward, I think we will keep the scale out of the bathroom, check it only weekly or so, and certainly not let it set the tone for my day.
I’m still considering how and where I’ll go next. However, this is a holiday weekend; July 4th. It’s ALSO my birthday weekend. And I’ve been celebrating. Today (Independence Day) included family and friends and gluten-free pizza, Mike’s Hard Lemonade (x3), potato chips, and a little ice cream. Tomorrow (my birthday) will include fajitas and margaritas and frozen custard (hello Abbott’s). This weekend I plan to see how certain foods make me feel and decide if and/or how they’ll be added back. But after that, I think I’ll return to the paleo diet. Perhaps not quite as strictly as I did during my Whole30, but close.

Happy July 4th! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


The day after

Nothing really to report yet. A surprise house guest, Toddlerbaby with a bad cold, and me with my sick/allergy/cold/sinus whatever meant a regular day, no chance to dig out the scale, no chance to leave the house for post-Whole30-celebrations. I did, however, enjoy a gluten-free beer. And it was wonderful. 🍻

Day 30

Day 30 is D-O-N-E! And with that, my Whole 30 is complete. I’m proud of us. Not a single screw up along the way, lots of delicious and healthy meal memories, and a few new cooking techniques added to my repertoire. I’m still under the weather, which is not how I envisioned my final days. But I stuck with it regardless. Woot.

Here was today:

Meal 1: Toddlerbaby and I split a banana. I also had coffee with almond milk
Meal 2: bacon and scrambled eggs
Meal 3: pesto shrimp & squash fettuccine20130702-184007.jpg
Tomorrow we’ll pull out the scale again, take some “after” pics, and see where we go from here. 🏁

Day 29

Jipped! That’s how I feel. Totally cheated. Day 28, I’m supposed to be feeling fan-freaking-tastic, flying high on Tiger Blood. Instead I’m a croaky, sniffly, sore throated cough machine with awful sinus pain. BOO.
I wonder if it could be an egg allergy, since everything else was eliminated? Or just the luck of seasonal allergies. Anyway….I wasn’t feeling much like eating, but here was today:

Meal 1: coffee with almond milk. Hot water with lemon. Repeat x 5.

Meal 2: leftover Thai beef stew over cauliflower rice.

Meal 3: Hubs made a juicy, tender rib eye steak topped with grilled onions, mushrooms, and chorizo. I wish I could have tasted it…


Day 28: addendum

I mentioned earlier that allergies still managed to penetrate my Tiger Blood. Well, my scratchy, itchy throat has now led to complete and total voice loss. Oh no!
But wait….it gets worse. All of the cough drop varieties in the house contain SUGAR. Many, many variations of sugar! Seriously, little difference between a piece of candy and a cough drop. Eye. Opening. I obviously am not going to blow my whole 30 on a stupid cough drop, so let’s if hot water with lemon juice does the trick.

Day 28

Tiger Blood skipped me. That can be the only reason I was up every hour last night with horrible allergies, sinus pain, you name it. Some people say their seasonal allergies practically disappeared while on the Whole30. I’m not one of those people. I do know, however, that these attacks aren’t triggered by food at all. I always wondered a little if dairy had anything to do with it. Now I can confidently say “nope” and just continue to wonder why I’m cursed.
Here were today’s eats:

Meal 1: leftover zucchini noodles from day 26. DELICIOUS breakfast! No sauce this time, and the egg and subtle zucchini flavor really worked well together. Mmm. Coffee with almond milk.
Meal 2: bacon and eggs

Meal 3: leftover Thai Beef Stew from Day 8 served over cauliflower rice.
We tossed the whole frozen brick of stew in the crockpot on low for the afternoon. Reheated perfectly!

Day 27

Finally, a lazy weekend at home. It seems like we’ve been out of town and driving here and there every weekend lately!
Hard to believe it is the final weekend of my Whole30. Some things I’ve been thinking about lately:
I think sugar really effects me. I am a sugar fiend usually. Love desserts, love my sweets. That didn’t completely go away but the cravings definitely diminished. A lot. I wonder what would have happened if I had limited my fruit even more. Though natural, fruit is awfully sweet. I’ve been wondering about the strategy followed on the 21 sugar detox, which allows one green apple and banana per day. Hmm. Maybe next time.
I sort of wish I took this opportunity to kick my morning coffee habit. Though I’ve cut down, it’s definitely still a habit. Again, maybe next time.

Here was today:
Meal 1: one egg scrambled with leftover chicken and broccoli. Pineapple chunks. Coffee with almond milk.
I’m suspicious of the pineapple I bought yesterday. I had AWFUL stomach pains a couple hours afterward that lasted for a couple of hours.
Meal 2: late lunch of an apple with almond butter, handful of cashews with raisins
Meal 3: “breaded” chicken w roasted asparagus: chicken breast coated with homemade mayo, almond flour, and spices.
Really tasty and easy. Shake-and-Bakeish. Doesn’t look nearly as moist and flavorful as it was!20130629-172626.jpg